It's your Camino -- Part II

(This repeats some of the points in Part I and was written in response to a peregrina complaining on Facebook about how snoring and sex and people with headphones while walking ruined her Camino dream. She had not walked, yet, but took offense with the idea that those people might be on the Camino with her.)

“Everyone snored,” “Someone had a bad reaction to a tortilla on the loo,” “The beds sucked,” “I need a calm room, why is everyone such an ass?”

Those are not uncommon complaints from pilgrims on the forums and Facebook groups. It is, as if some people define themselves by their hardships (which, given the very real hardships of the world, is a funny word to use for the mild inconvenience of only getting one cup of coffee with your 10€ albergue booking fee). Or, as if judgment and derision are part of the enjoyment of the Camino for some.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Aside from earplugs and sucking it up, that is…

… everyone walks their own Camino. We decide where and when to stop. What accommodation to use. To eat in, or go out for dinner. How much to spend (remember, you usually get what you pay for).

Those seeking to walk their Glamino can do so. The Way, the people on it, the people living alongside it, do not owe us anything. For relatively small change, we’re offered a bed and a roof, which is essentially all that is needed. If we need more, we can buy it, and if we are OK with less, there are solutions as well (in 2017, feeling my money drain too fast, I slept in a few stables and a farmer’s hay stack, after asking of course).

The Camino is your Camino. You are making the decisions. And getting mad at snoring or smells, bed bugs or parties outside, is essentially a getting mad at yourself. We’re owed nothing and we get what we choose. Don’t get mad at yourself. Smile, for everything that happens to you on the Camino, is of your own making. You’re walking your Camino. Celebrate the freedom to choose and decide that comes with this simple truth.