Walk your own Camino

This is your Camino. No two Caminos are alike, not even two you walk.

You see, the Camino, the physical thing, is nothing but a network of suburbian roads, paths, and trails, connecting towns and villages along the North of the country. The kind of path you’d walk on a lazy Sunday afternoon at home.

But this physical thing aside, there’s also the Camino that happens in your head. And that one’s yours. To make it yours, you have to allow it to be yours. And this permission, it starts by giving others the same. By accepting, that your Camino is not the combination of external influences, from weather to snoring, but the sum of your dealing with them.

We all have our own ideas about tech, sex on the Camino, listening to music and podcasts, where to stop, and more. Some take the bus. Some even a cab. Some ride a train through the Meseta. It happens.

Some walk from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Some from Leon. Some from the Nordkapp in Norway. You walk yours.

For you to walk your Camino, not just a bunch of streets and trails in a relatively modern and well developed country, you have to switch mindsets. No matter how social and communal the physical Camino is, your Camino is solitary, just yours. It does not happen in albergues or in the bedroom of others, it does not happen in someone else’s earphones. It happens in you, your head, your mind. And as long as your mind minds what others do, say, enjoy, or how loud they snore, it won’t mind you.

Mind you. Mind your Camino. Because your Camino deserves your full attention.

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