Pack Sensibly

The “ideal” weight for a backpack is no more than your body weight, with a lower limit of 6kg and an upper one of 12kg, regardless of your actual weight. If you’re from the US, that’s 13 - 26 lbs.

Making sure you’re staying inside ideal ranges starts with your backpack. It might sound weird now, but you don’t need that much organization, so a good backpack with less dividers is probably not a bad idea. Dividers are “expensive” in terms of weight.

My favorite, which is probably just mine, is the Osprey Exos 38l (the old version with hip and chest strap storage). Since this one’s no longer made, I am now walking with an Exos 48l without those pockets. It weighs less than a kilo, leaving more for your stuff.

Things I bring

Shelter and Clothing

Hygiene and Medicine

Note: You can buy almost anything on this list in most any town, of which you’ll be crossing multiple on almost any day. Bring the smallest versions you can find, and just replenish on the Camino.




Additionally, I am carrying four light pack sacks. One for fresh clothes, one for used ones, one for hygiene, and one for technology. They’re color coded, green for fresh, yellow for used, red for hygiene, and blue for technology.