What to call the Way?

Obviously there’s some debate as to what to call the Way one walks, ideally with an intent to arrive in Santiago de Compostela at some point.

Personally, I like to mix it up, call it “The Camino,” “Camino Frances,” or “The Way,” which differs in specificity but not descriptiveness.

Let me explain my view of this:

There are many Caminos de Santiago. The most famous, the Camino Frances, is often referred to as “The Camino,” but technically that’s incorrect. Camino, Chemin, Way… those are just words in different languages and, if anything, the Way is very much a multinational affair.

So, whenever it’s selective enough to talk about all Caminos, I’ll use “Camino” or “Way.” If it absolutely has to be specific, I’ll use “Camino Frances,” “Frances,” “Camino del Norte,” “The Norte,” or whatever else makes sense.