Muxia, 0,0km marker nearby

Muxia, to me, is very personal. After a day or two of partying, sitting with new and old friends, reminiscing, telling funny stories, and relaxing in Fisterra, I get up early and walk the 30 kilometers along the coast, south to north, to end my Camino.

Here, the dark rocks and the angry ocean are a stark contrast to the beaches of Finisterre (Fisterra). They invite me to stop, sit, and reflect. It’s a lonely kind of reflection, but the good lonely kind, for me. My last night on the Way is ahead, all that remains is to pack my things sensibly, take the Bus back to Santiago, and fly home.

To me, this is the weirdest place on the Camino. It involves happiness and sadness, reflection and hopefulness for the future, packed all in an hour or more (or less, if it rains) of sitting on the rock.