Music and Podcasts on the Way

I can’t speak much to podcasts since I didn’t really listen to any, but some of my friends swear by it. If you’re a podcast listener, I have heard no negatives from people who actually did it, the only resistance came from those who were so radically opposed to everyone walking their own Camino, they had to object on principle.


Music is a whole different animal. I highly recommend listening to music. New music, to be precise.


Before I walked my first Camino, I worked in a neuropsychology research lab on recall and emotions. We all know, how a sound, smell, or visual can conjure up past memories, complete with the associated emotions and feelings. This isn’t always a good thing, and that’s what I was working on, helping patients with PTSD for example, or helping Alzheimer patients keep their memories longer.

Well, on the Camino, this is a great thing. Get some music you want to listen to, but have not yet done so. Listen to it on the Camino. Your brain will associate the emotions, the visuals, the feelings, the smells, in short the memories, of the Camino with that album. We all are transported back to our first messy romantic encounter when we hear the music playing that played then, now you can be transported back to the Camino by listening to an album or a few songs.

Next time you feel down, stressed, or worried, listen to the songs. Bathe in the emotions and memories of the Camino. No drugs required.

Don’t always listen to music, of course. I made it a habit to seek some solace every other day and plug in the pods. Down the hill to Zubiri, for example, or the 17 miles through the Meseta. It’s an amazing experience to listen to the same songs today (I am doing it as I write this) and feel like the Camino never ended.