If you’re looking at my packing list, you’ll notice that I am only taking clothes for one or two days with me. Only one pair of pants (the basketball shorts for city/town evenings not counted), three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear, and two t-shirts (plus one for town).

So, laundry it is.

Many albergues offer “lavadora secadora” on site, meaning washer and dryer. Since those are shared among all pilgrims, it completely pays off to form groups and toss your things, for the environment and your finances, in with someone else’s.

Clothes on the incline to the Alto do Poio

If that’s not available, there is usually a sink to wash your clothes in. Do not use the bathroom sinks, that’s yucky! I brought a bar of body-laundry soap, meaning it was a bar of body soap that did not smell too much and was totally usable on clothes. This is the Camino, not your little red dress occasion, your clothes will be clean and won’t mind being hand-soaped in the process.

Hang your clothes tight on the provided clothesline, don’t hog space. There are other pilgrims that will thank you.

If you’re spending a night in Pamplona, Logroño, Burgos, León, etc. those also have laundromats on every corner. The usual price is 4€ for washing and 3€ for drying, but those prices can go up during summer months as pilgrims use them more.

On days you don’t wash, wash your town clothes. Also throw all socks and underwear you’re not wearing in, you never know when a wet day will have you change socks more than once.