How to read this

This section of the website is a little bit like the Camino - somewhat disorganized, ideas flowing. Of course that doesn’t make it easier to read it. So here are some ideas:

Download it all

You can download the whole section to your computer. It is written in Markdown originally, and you can read it in any text editor or search it on your computer. Alternatively, there’s a PDF version that is a little bit behind the text version (not much, mostly spelling) you can eBook. And, while we’re at the topic, an eBook is also available.

Be reminded, that this site is free for you to take and do whatever you wish with it, as long as a) you keep my name in it and link back to the original if you publish it somewhere, and b) it’s not done for commercial purposes. Actually, b) isn’t super strict: email me, and unless you’re one of those websites selling “Camino Services” I’ll probably let you use it even to make money with it.

Get lost in the text

Or you could go down the text-hole and just click and read. That’s how I like to consume most of my content, which wasn’t so cool in med school when I tried to study, but is fun otherwise. If you’ve ever gotten lost in a Wikipedia or YouTube loop you know what I mean.