The Cruz de Ferro

One of those important landmarks along the Camino, the best way to deal with it is to walk to Foncebaddón the day before, get up about an hour before sunrise, and walk the final kilometers to the cross to see the sunset from there.

Shortly after sunrise

Only a few pilgrims know, however, that this isn’t the original Cross and not even an actual religious site. The OG stack of rocks can be found a few hundred meters deep into the nearby forest, and was probably placed there as a way marker during late viking and early Roman movements along the North of today’s Spain.

The new Cruz was erected in the late 50s while building the nearby bus stop and consists, in its core, largely of construction gravel. The cross was erected in the late 60s, and the now canonical use as a place to “drop one’s weight” in the form of a small rock brought from home was established in the mid to late 70s.