The Camino Frances 2022

I am heading back out.

Finally! The past years were hard on everyone, but as a medical professional and frontliner I feel we bore most of the brunt of it. Not only the virus’ world tour of death, but also some people’s unwillingness to participate in the measures designed to keep a load off us and our systems.

This year will be different, though.

First, and I regret this part a lot, I’ll be starting from Pamplona, not Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. That way, without zeroes and without much delay, I’ll be able to walk to Muxia and return back to Cyprus the day before I have to be back.

Secondly, I’ll be very much social-media-silent on this trip. In 2018 I had, at some stages, 500+ live viewers during my streams and close to 20k views on each video. No idea, how many read my blog posts, I don’t log, but I’d assume a few did.

This year, I’ll be posting on Find Penguins, because I like the idea, but won’t be very active on social media otherwise. A few friends’ birthdays are during that time, and you’re almost socially required to post on their Facebook wall, these days, so I’ll be doing that. Other than that, though… nada.