Over Night on the Camino

There are plenty of places to sleep the night on the Camino. Since the COVID-19 outbreak it’s a good idea to call ahead in larger cities and towns, and municipal albergues even require it, but in general you should always be able to find a place to lay your head.

Municipal albergues (10-15€) aside, there are also religious ones, some of which do not charge a fixed price but as for a donation. Those are called Donativos.

Private albergues (15-25€) are run either by adjunct religious organizations (such as Casa Paderborn in Pamplona, which is operated by Germans) or as a business. Prices here vary, but they are usually a little nicer than municipal and donativo albergues.

Hotels are expensive but if you want a nice night’s sleep every once in a while, a long shower, and some privacy, they’re a valid option.

If you found your Camino Family it’s may also be an idea to find a shared apartment, of which there are quite a few, which often have a kitchen and multiple rooms. I stayed in Carrion de los Condes, for example, in one of those for 65€ which, divided by five pilgrims, came down to 13€ per person.